Last Fortress Underground Guide – Exploring the Underground Maze

Last Fortress Underground Guide

This section will guide you through the initial steps to embark on your Last Fortress: Underground journey. You’ll learn how to download and install the game and gain an understanding of its captivating post-apocalyptic world. Begin your Last Fortress: Underground adventure by downloading the game from your app store option. Once installed, open the app and create your in-game character. The game’s immersive storyline will quickly draw you into a world ravaged by disaster, where survival is paramount.

Gameplay Overview:

last fortress underground guide
last fortress underground guide

In Last Fortress – Underground, the narrative follows a familiar theme in many games. A catastrophic zombie apocalypse has decimated almost the entire world, leaving only a smattering of survivors, the players. Their journey begins in a settlement called Castle, the last bastion of humanity on Earth, representing the final hope for survival.

However, an unexpected turn of events occurs in Castle as it falls under the relentless assault of a massive horde of the undead. In the wake of this dire situation, the game truly commences. Players assume the pivotal role of the Commander responsible for the Castle’s community. Now, it falls upon the Commander to ensure the well-being of the town’s inhabitants, maintain their happiness, secure essential resources, and defend against relentless zombie attacks.

Basics of Last Fortress – Underground

Upon starting the game, players find themselves thrust into the company of a band of survivors. Their initial encounter involves a dangerous escape from a relentless zombie horde, leading to the discovery of a hidden bunker. This bunker swiftly transforms into their newfound fortress. Following this discovery, the survivors collectively organized their efforts by assigning various tasks to each member. This crucial juncture marks the moment when players assume command, skillfully allocating survivors to their ideal roles and duties.


Within the group that stumbles upon the bunker, a distinctive subset of survivors is called “Heroes.” These individuals possess exceptional abilities that set them apart. In Last Fortress: Underground, two primary categories of heroes exist:

● Production Heroes

These heroes excel at various production-related tasks, including cooking, mining, laboratory research, etc. Notable examples of production heroes encompass characters like Maurer, Pearson, Wolowitz, Laura Chen, Tikka, Fiona, and Helen.

● Combat Heroes

The roster of heroes includes a substantial contingent of combat specialists. These combat heroes are further categorized into four distinct groups: The Minutemen, the Vindicators, the Wildlings, and the Watchers. Some of these heroes are the most formidable experts in their respective roles within the game. Bolton, Harman, Roland, and Enrique rank as the most powerful combat heroes available, greatly enhancing the players’ chances of survival in the hostile environment.

Excavating the Fortress

The initial task confronting the survivors involves excavating various sections within their fortress. Players unveil new and critical areas within the fortress as the excavation progresses. Among these discoveries are essential locations such as the Iron Mine, Stone Mine, Diner, Water Station, and more.

Notably, players will also unearth the Control Center, a pivotal component of the fortress. The Control Center serves as the central hub, granting access to numerous other vital areas within the fortress. Prioritizing the upgrade of the Control Center is an ongoing imperative, as it ensures continued access to previously hidden sections of the fortress, thereby expanding the survivors’ capabilities and resources.


As is customary in zombie-themed games, combat forms a central gameplay pillar in this title. The combat system operates on a turn-based framework, emphasizing strategic positioning for optimal survivability and damage potential. A prime illustration of this approach is the division of combatants into distinct formations: tanks and protectors assume positions in the front row. At the same time, assassins and sharpshooters strategically occupy the back row.

This tactical arrangement leverages the strengths of the sturdier tank units to absorb incoming damage while the more agile assassins and sharpshooters unleash devastating attacks from the rear. Much of this combat unfolds within the confines of the fortress, particularly as players venture into newly discovered areas like mines, engaging in combat encounters to secure valuable resources and fortify their stronghold.

Understanding the in-game Currencies

Venturing into the clandestine world of the Last Fortress, it’s clear that the survival of its inhabitants hinges on four absolutely critical resources: nourishment, electrical power, iron for forging, and stone for construction. These resources, each with its own unique source and relevance, form the bedrock of our subterranean society.

● Food The lifeblood of the inhabitants, food production, is centered in the diner. Additionally, survivors employ traps within the fortress to catch gophers, contributing to the food supply.
● Power: Essential for maintaining the fortress’s functionality, power is particularly crucial for research activities and laboratory operations. Power generation occurs at the power station.
● Iron: A fundamental construction material within the fortress, iron can be procured through two distinct methods. It can be mined directly from the Iron Mine or salvaged from debris from excavation and unblocking of other fortress sections.
● Stone: Alongside iron, stone ranks as a primary construction material. Stones are acquired either through extraction from the Stone Quarry or by salvaging them from debris created during the excavation of additional fortress areas.

Gameplay Tips To Play Better In Last Fortress: Underground

When considering success in Last Fortress, it is imperative to bear in mind several key factors. Firstly, exercise prudent management of your diamonds, ensuring judicious allocation. Secondly, place a premium on the completion of missions contained within the diary, a resource of significant value within the game. Thirdly, prioritize the enhancement of your heroes, particularly those engaged in combat. Fourthly, implement the efficient assignment of heroes to workstations congruent with their proficiencies. Finally, foster collaborative efforts and expedited base development by affiliating with an alliance of fellow players.

  • Diamond Management: At the start of their journey, players are advised to exercise prudence and conserve their diamonds rather than spending them on immediate progression.
  • Quest Prioritization: It is paramount for players to accord top priority to completing all the quests within the chapters of the diary. The diary is one of the game’s most invaluable resources, offering substantial benefits to aid players on their journey.
  • Hero Development: Focusing on leveling up Heroes is a cornerstone of success. Combat Heroes, in particular, require increased power to become formidable assets. Experience plays a crucial role in this aspect, so investing in leveling up is imperative.
  • Efficient Hero Deployment: Ensuring all Production Heroes are diligently assigned to workstations that align with their specialties is crucial. This ensures a continuous workflow within the fortress, aiding in resource production and enabling heroes to gain valuable experience, subsequently facilitating their level-up.
  • Alliance Collaboration: Players can expedite base upgrades by joining alliances and, in return, assisting their fellow members. This cooperative approach accelerates the progression of all members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared success.


last fortress underground guide
last fortress underground guide

For newcomers, the multifaceted aspects of the game can initially seem overwhelming, which is why it’s advisable to adopt a gradual approach. Priority should be placed on a few core objectives to build a solid foundation. Firstly, excavation and exploration should be the primary areas of concentration. Unearthing the fortress’s potential and uncovering hidden resources forms the bedrock of progress.

Subsequently, the secondary focus should revolve around resource management, ensuring that vital supplies remain abundant. Once the fortress is well-established and operating efficiently, the time is ripe for players to shift their attention toward the training and development of heroes and soldiers, thus fortifying their capacity for combat and survival in this challenging world.


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